Goods Lift

Freight elevator is essentially designed so as to fulfill material handling requirement of industry, building, hotel, car workshop etc. For a properly engineered installation, the choice of freight elevator requires consideration of such factors as volume and weight of material to be transported and the method of handling like manual or trolley driven. Where floor leveling accuracy is of paramount importance it would be sane idea to install ACVVVF control in Freight elevator. Today freight elevator is back bone of any modern industry and is able to find its place in Pharma, Petrochemical, Telecom, Components, Garment, Cosmetic, Architects, Construction and Hotel industries to name a few. We at Beacon have various models of Freight elevators to choose from wide variety of capacities and sizes and always attempt to customize our product according to customer's requirement. Today for all modern industries it has become imperative to have an efficient material handling system which would directly cut down the overall cost(labour cost, standing inventory, storage cost). Therefore benefits of having installed a freight elevator far exceeds the initial cost incurred there upon.
Over the last decade C-tech has specialized the concept of vertical transportation of material through its innovative techniques and designs. One of the landmark achievement has been development of Flameproof Limit Switches to provide our client with the elevator that is suitable for hazardous area. Till date C-tech has installed more than 40 flameproof elevators working at different plant locations of top pharmaceautical / chemical companies.